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MRI Starch Print Advertising

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Effectiveness Study

Starch is an online, syndicated accountability tool that measures advertising effectiveness and reader involvement across leading consumer publications. Fielded among issue-specific readers, the study will measure all BHG issues in 2014.

Measure Your Ad’s Effectiveness and Impact on Reader Behavior

In addition to measuring your brand’s ad recall and brand association, Starch measures the impact your ad has on reader behavior.

  • Advertising impact measures include:
  • Have a more favorable opinion about the advertiser
  • Visited advertiser’s website
  • Looked for more information about the product/service
  • Considered purchasing the product/service
  • Clipped or saved the ad
  • Talked to doctor about the product (Rx ads only)
  • Recommended the product/service to someone
  • Purchased the product/service

Measure of Reader Involvement

An involved reader is your best prospect. Starch will provide a measurement of the key variables associated with reader involvement.

Reader involvement measures include:

  • Demographics
  • Time spent reading
  • Frequency of reading/last 4 issues
  • Source of magazine copy
  • Visit publication’s website, time spent per visit
  • Attitudinal statements about publication engagement

Customize Your Own Questions for Inclusion in the Study

Starch offers you the opportunity to field your own proprietary questions concerning your brand’s advertising. Based upon advertising commitment in BHG and space availability in study, custom research will provide you with a better understanding of your brand’s communication effectiveness.

Note: Advertisers must run at least a 1/3-page national ad in the measured issue to be a part of Starch.
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Source: January–December 2013 MediaRadar
*Extended Family includes children and expanded (secondary focused) family editorial from various categories across the magazine
**Lifestyle includes: Advice/Relationships, Athletics/Hobbies, Automotive, Business/Finance/Real Estate, Celebrity, Consumer Electronics, Culture, Science & Technology, Travel, U.S. Affairs, and Miscellaneous
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